Engineering Design


    Once a decision is made to implement a project, the engineering phase is launched. The planning and execution of projects are generally complex and most foundries do not possess the personnel and capacity for this work.

This is where we can help.

    The building of a new foundry or the refurbishing of an existing one involves the solution of a myriad of individual problems. We at Foundry Solutions & Design possess a solid foundation for the engineering of large or small foundry design projects. One reason is that our lead engineers average some 30 years of service, and another is that we have gained enormous experience by successfully completing well over 100 projects.


Our capabilities in the engineering field include:

bullet preliminary concept engineering (process technology)
bullet detail engineering
bullet civil engineering
bullet mechanical engineering
bullet electrical engineering controls
bullet purchasing
bullet expediting
bullet cost control

    Scheduling and planning down to the last detail and consistent execution of all activities are the keys to success.

   Whether it concerns new foundry installations, modernization programs, or replacement of individual machines, you can expect our performance to exceed your expectations.