Feasibility Studies

 Feasibility Study Services

    Every foundry must continuously improve. The first step in advancing this desire is to conduct a feasibility study to determine the steps necessary to achieve greater success.

We at Foundry Solutions & Design offer the following services:

bullet analysis of current and future production requirements
bullet analysis of the current production structure
bullet production requirements for each area of the foundry
bullet process review and optimization
bullet recommended equipment
bullet layout design
bullet investment costs and projected manufacturing costs
bullet determination of return on investment
bullet time schedule for phasing in the project
bullet recommendations to management

    Systematic and objective assessment of the individual operative components (productivity, product quality, cost structure etc.) supplies the data from which the possible cost reductions and profit improvement can be realized. These investigations make it possible to establish a program of action, focused on manufacturing the castings at the best quality and at the lowest cost. The results obtained also form the basis for subsequent management decisions.