Simulation Modeling and System Analysis


    FS&D provides Simulation Modeling and System Analysis Services to help companies eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve competitiveness. Drawing on a broad range of software modeling and analytical techniques, FS&D provides quantitative data to guide decision making with respect to process, layout, design optimization, investment, and operations.

    We have developed plant-wide discreet event and kinetic modeling for processes including:


bullet      Casting handling through the Finishing Department

Mold making, pouring, and cooling


Core making, assembly, and setting


Parts assembly


Parts conveyance to machining

    These Computer Simulation tools are instrumental in identifying bottlenecks, buffering requirements, equipment capacity and optimization of the process.

    By altering the models for any dynamic condition in the process, alternate scenarios can be tested prior to investing capital without disrupting existing operations. Adjustments can be quickly made and the results evaluated prior to the final design.